A Phenomenographic Approach for Exploring Conceptions of Learning Marketing among Undergraduate Students – Learning Marketing

A Phenomenographic Approach for Exploring Conceptions of Learning Marketing among Undergraduate Students - Learning MarketingIn addition, ‘applying’ is also viewed as an important way to evaluate whether they really understand the learned knowledge. The relationship between ‘applying’ and ‘understanding’, for some students, seems to be very close. Learning marketing as understanding (U)
In this category, a true understanding is conceptualized as the chief feature of learning marketing.
Understanding is the first step of learning marketing. (#11)
Learning marketing requires a real understanding. If you understand the knowledge, you can apply it in many areas. (#18)
Students in this category evaluate their learning of marketing on the basis of their ability to apply acquired marketing knowledge.
Learning marketing as seeing in a new way (S)
In the final category, learning marketing is viewed as gaining a new perspective. The acquisition of marketing managerial knowledge is to obtain a new way to interpret matters related to business management. For instance, students stated that:
Learning marketing brings new perspectives for me. This is interesting. (#22)
I will try to think in a different way. (#23)
I find my perspectives have become broader. (#24)
These students believe that learning marketing helps them acquire a new way of seeing and thinking. Their outlook on life seems to be extended after acquiring more knowledge of marketing management.
Distribution of students ’ conceptions of learning marketing
The purpose of this study is to characterize variations in conceptions of learning marketing among the interviewed students, rather than to focus on classifying or labeling individual students. Therefore, for a fuller representation of the interviewed students’ conceptions of learning marketing, each student was allowed to be included in one or more categories according to his/her conceptions of learning marketing. The distribution of each student’s conceptions of learning marketing among the six categories is presented in Table 1.

Table 1. Students’ conceptions of learning marketing

Student ID Memorizing Testing Gaining higher status Applying Understanding Seeing in a new way
1* V V
2 V V V V
3 V V V
4 V V
5 V V V V
6 V V V
7 V V
8 V V V
9 V V
10 V V V
11 V V V
12 V V V V
13 V V V V V
14 V V V V V
15 V V V V V V
16 V V V V V
17 V V V V
18 V V V
19 V V V
20 V V V V
21 V V V
22 V V V
23 V V
24 V V V V
Total 13 11 7 24 20 7