Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism – Methodology

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism - MethodologyParticipants

This report is based on both extensive secondary research and a large number of key informant interviews. First, a review of existing research on a review of research on the demand for sustainable tourism. Supplementary interviews with ten managers of Vietravel, seven managers of Fiditour and eight managers of Festival Travel were carried out to assess demand for sustainable tourism. Companies approached to be interviewed included the largest tour operators. From June 1- June 15 2011, the researcher had the arrangements to interview these key people through the relationship with his previous employer “Vietravel” and his friends’ companies “Fiditour” and “Festival Travel” through snowball or chain sampling method (Babbie, 2002: 179; Patton, 2002: 237). The number of foreign tourists came to HCMC in the first five months of 2011 are about 1,4 million times, increased 8% than 2010 and got 40% of plan in 2011. The total revenue is about 19.480 billion VND, increased 20% than 2010 and got 40% of plan in 2011 (The Department of Culture and Tourism Information Vietnam).
For the purpose of studying the role of Corporate Social Responsibility in sustainable tourism, the interview sessions were conducted through these questions:
•    What do you think about sustainable tourism?
•    Why do we need to care about the sustainable tourism Or what bad influences to the Tourism industry of people don’t care about sustainable tourism?
•    What do your company have any policy, plans and strategies for developing sustainable tourism?
•    What difficulties have your company faced on the way of developing sustainable tourism? (the price of tour is higher, service price is higher…)
•    How about your customers behavior? Do they support or go against?
•    What do you think about CSR of tour operators, customers, the government and the society to develop sustainable tourism?